Look what the kids made at VBS this year! Families were asked to bring socks, VBS volunteers cut them into loops, and the kids knotted them together like rubber bands. A spontaneous contest arose as to who could make the longest chain of sock loops.

Then, with the VBS students watching and participating, we wove the socks into these beautiful rugs. The kids were in awe of the two-harness loom and especially enjoyed banging the beater bar against the woven material to make a tightly-woven rug.

Eventually these rugs will go up for silent online auction – and there will be at least two more of them that are in the “looped” stage and have not yet been woven.


Stay tuned, and don’t miss your chance to bid on these beautiful creations1


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  1. It starts NOW for VBS 1. I’m making the opening bid for $15.00. Add your bid by submitting a new comment. GO!!

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