Kristin Jackson, Pastor

Kristin Jackson was installed as Living Water’s pastor in September of 2011. She has lived in Rogers Park since 1994, and has been a member of Living Water since it began. She loves this neighborhood and feels called to participate in God’s good news of reconciliation here. Kristin earned an M.Div from North Park Theological Seminary and an M.Ed from Loyola University, and worked for many years as a teacher before becoming a pastor. Kristin and her husband Julian have two teen-aged sons.

Stephen Lamb, Associate Pastor

Stephen Lamb was hired as the associate pastor of youth ministry in October of 2012. He lived in Rogers Park for a year before taking on this position, attending Living Water and volunteering with the youth ministry during that time. Stephen is married to Katherine Lamb and is Dad to Hazel and Rowan.


Olak Sunuwar, Nepali-Speaking Pastor

Olak Sunuwar serves as pastor to Nepali-speaking individuals and families in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago through pastoral care and counseling, Bible study, and access to community and social services. Olak earned a Master of Theology (MTh) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Lutheran Theological Seminary, Chicago. Olak is married to Munna Gurung.


Alexis Ruzahaza, Swahili-Speaking Pastor

Alexis Ruzahaza serves as pastor to the East African congregation. He is married to Francine Maombi and is Dad to Naomi, Jonathan, and Joel.



Susan Kauffman, Bookkeeper

Susan Kauffman has been LWCC’s bookkeeper since September 2012. She is a graduate of Bluffton College in Ohio and has served three terms in Cambodia with Mennonite Central Committee. Susie originally came to Chicago in 1981 for a two-year term with Mennonite Voluntary Service, teaching Human Body and Math at an alternative high school. Now, when off the LWCC clock, she uses her M.S. in Soils to teach Introductory Soils classes at two community colleges, raise worms in her kitchen, and manage a multiple-family composting system.

Andi Tauber, Office Manager

Andi Tauber became the Office Manager in January of 2020, the Year of Pestilence. She will add a more serious photo and description of herself soon but meanwhile: Andi is in a constant battle to have more grace, she sings and plays (and teaches) piano, and really only plays the keyboard side of the accordion.