Called to the corner.Welcome to Living Water’s new blog, a space devoted to sharing our life together and learning more about what it means to faithfully follow Jesus on the corner of Pratt and Ashland.

To kick off our first blog post, here are some of my favorite reflections on our life together. Living Water, there are so many things I love about you:

We look forward to using this space to share news and reflections on the life in our community. What are your favorite reflections? Comment below!

Thank you, all of you who are Living Water. It is a joy to serve you!

Pastor Kristin

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  1. As I pray for our church, one thing that has come to the forefront of my mind is a specific list of God’s gifts to us. I have been greatly encouraged and overwhelmed with thankfulness as I think about them. On my list are: 1) Our building – I confess I did not have great faith that the necessary resources would come together to pull it off! 2) Relationships with neighborhood kids – kids who took initiative to come into our space and continue in significant relationships with LWCC brothers & sisters. 3) An influx of believers who are newly arrived in our country – where it’s not uncommon to hear on a Sunday: “I came to the US as a refugee two weeks ago.” Why do I call them God’s gifts? (Certainly this isn’t a complete list; perhaps you can post your addtions.) Probably because these all seem to me to be unlikely things to happen, aside from input from the Author who is writing our story. Gifts are to be appreciated and shared; maybe to build our work on?
    Another great part of my thankfulness is for every one of you who have “gotten busy” during this season of our church’s life: teaching Sunday school, praying, working in the nursery, leading worship, playing music, hanging with the youth, hosting events, mentoring kids, welcoming, organizing, setting up, breaking down, showing up, giving hearty handshakes, etc. With great faithfulness so many have done these and many other things to contribute to the work of our church. Thanks!!!

  2. And one of the things I love about Living Water is YOU, Pastor Kristin–your positive spirit even though juggling a complicated and challenging pastoral role, your love of the Word and the messages you bring where I always learn something new, and your warmth and friendliness to all.

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