On the Sunday after Labor Day in September, 1995, a group of about forty adults and as many children gathered for worship in the borrowed upstairs fellowship hall of a church on the north side of Chicago. The air was full of nervous, excited energy. Some of us had been praying and planning for this day for years, and now we were finally doing it: a real Sunday morning church worship service, in OUR neighborhood, worshipping God with our neighbors at a place many of us could walk to!

Thus began a 20 years-so-far adventure for Living Water Community Church, a Mennonite congregation that reflects the diverse beauty and messiness of Rogers Park, the Chicago neighborhood that is our home.  Since then, we’ve grown: in numbers of worshippers and, even better, in stories of God’s faithfulness.

And now we are celebrating! Please join us for our 20th Anniversary worship service on Sunday, September 13 at 9:30 am, and for a party with picnic and music and dancing  afterwards.

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