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2011 Part 1

LWCC2011-01-30, 2P – Josh Wallace.48M

LWCC2011-01-30, 1P – Josh Wallace.48M

LWCC2011-01-23, 2P – Kristin Jackson.48M

LWCC2011-01-23, 1P – Kristin Jackson.48M

LWCC2011-01-09, 2S – Ryan Hollingsworth.48M

LWCC2011-01-09, 1P – Ryan Hollingsworth.48M

LWCC2011-01-02, 2P – Amos Shakya and Bhuddi Darjess.48M

LWCC2011-01-02, 1P – Amos Shakya and Bhuddi Darjess.48M

2011 Part 2

LWCC2011-12-25, P2 – Christmas Day Service

LWCC2011-12-18, P2 – Women’s Community

LWCC2011-12-04, P2 – Mike Benson

LWCC2011-11-27, P2 – Neta Jackson

LWCC2011-11-20, P2 – Nick Walker

LWCC2011-11-13, P2 – Pam Sullivan

LWCC2011-11-06, P2 – Kristin Jackson

LWCC2011-10-30 T – Amos & Drew

2012 Part 1

LWCC2012-6-24, T – Kristin Jackson

Note on 6-17 Teaching: Virgil Vogt’s sermon is unavailable due to a recording error.

LWCC2012-6-10, T – Katherine Lamb

Note on 6-10 Sharing: Katherine Lamb’s sharing about the upcoming trip to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota took the place of a sermon this week.

LWCC2012-6-3, T- Hannah, Beth & Nicholas

Note on 6-3 Teaching: Graduating High School Seniors Hannah, Beth and Nicholas provided the sermon teaching for Youth Sunday.

LWCC2012-5-27, T – Patty & Tim Peebles

Note on 5-27 Teaching: Human Sexuality Series Week 5 – “Marriage, Power and God’s Gift of Sex”

LWCC2012-5-20, T – Drew Strait

Note on 5-20 Teaching: Human Sexuality Series Week 4 – “Sexual Addiction in the Age of the Internet Freeway” 

LWCC2012-5-13, T – Andrew Marin

Note on 5-13 Teaching: Human Sexuality Series Week 3 – “Love is an Orientation.”  This week we heard from Andrew Marin of  The Marin Foundation,

LWCC2012-5-6, T – Sally Youngquist

Note on 5-6 Teaching: Human Sexuality Series Week 2 – “Sexual Idolatry, Singleness and the Option of Celibacy” 

LWCC2012-4-29, T – Kristin Jackson

Note on 4-29 Teaching: This is the first in a five-week series about human sexuality.

LWCC2012-4-22, T – Virgil Vogt

Note on 4-13 Teaching: This week’s sermon is unavailable due to a recording error.

LWCC2012-4-8, T – Kristin Jackson

LWCC2012-4-1, T – Ronn Frantz & James

Note on 4-1 Teaching: Ronn Frantz was joined by his colleague James, from Good News Partners, for this teaching.

LWCC2012-3-25, T – Drew Strait

Note on 3-18 Teaching: Nick Walker’s sermon is unfortunately unavailable due to a recording error.

LWCC2012-3-11, T – Kristin Jackson

LWCC2012-3-4, T – Steve Holler

Note on 3-4 Teaching: The beginning few minutes of Steve Holler’s teaching are unavailable due to a recording error. 

LWCC2012-2-26, T – Kristin Jackson

LWCC2012-2-19, T – Drew Strait

LWCC2012-2-12, T – Kristin Jackson

Note on 2-12 Teaching: A portion of Kristin Jackson’s sermon was adapted from a symbolic action published in the book Present on Earth: Worship resources on the life of Jesus (Iona Community Wild Goose Worship Group. Chicago: GIA Publications, 2002, pages 219-221).

LWCC2012-2-5, T – Ryan Hollingsworth

LWCC2012-1-29, T – Drew Strait

LWCC2012-1-22, P2 – Kristin Jackson

LWCC2012-1-15, P2 – Tim Nafziger

LWCC2012-1-8, P2 – Kristin Jackson

2012 Part 2

LWCC2012-9-9, T- Kristin Jackson

LWCC2012-7-15, T – Liz & Peter Anderson

LWCC2012-7-8, T – Kristin Jackson

LWCC2012-9-16, T – Roma Shakya

LWCC2012-9-23, T – Kristin Jackson

LWCC2012-9-30, T- Amos Shakya

LWCC2012-10-7, T-Kevin Kane

LWCC2012-10-14, T-Julie Carlsen

LWCC2012-10-21, T – Silas Ngulu

LWCC2012-10-28, T-Patty Peebles, Annie G-B

LWCC2012-11-4, P2, T – Julian Jackson

LWCC2012-11-11, T- Ronn Frantz

LWCC2012-11-18, T – Mary Loeks

LWCC2012-11-25, T – Doug Jones

LWCC2012-12-2, T- Kristin Jackson

LWCC2012-12-9, T – Rachel Daley

LWCC2012-12-16, T – Kristin and Amos

LWCC2012-12-23, T – KristinSteven Mum

LWCC2012-12-30, T- Kristin Jackson

Note on 7-1 Service: There was no sermon.  The sermon slot was replaced by a sharing time and by a time of welcoming new members into the church.

There were no sermons posted from Sunday, July 22 – Sunday, September 2.  During these summer weeks, Living Water hosted shorter, children-friendly services featuring a series of skits based on the miracles of Jesus.

2013 Part 1

LWCC 2013-1-6, T- Patty Peebles

LWCC 2012-1-13, T- Bob Shuford

LWCC2013-1-20, T-Kristin Jackson

LWCC2013-1-27, T-Rachel Daley

LWCC2013-2-3, T-Kristin Jackson, Silas Ngulu

LWCC2013-2-10, T-Ronn Frantz

LWCC2013-2-17, T-Kristin Jackson

LWCC2013-2-24, T-Chuck Neufeld (Credentialing service can be made available if there are requests)

LWCC2013-3-3, T-Kristin, Friends

LWCC2013-3-10, T-Doug Jones

LWCC2013-3-17, T- Kristin

LWCC2013-3-24, T-Drew Strait

LWCC2013-3-31, Easter (This is the whole service!!)

LWCC2013-4-7, T-Kristin and Samrach (Apologies for volume problems…)

LWCC2013-4-14, T- Rachel Daley

LWCC2013-4-21, T-Taubers Emmaus

LWCC2013-4-28, T- Sally Schreiner Youngquist

LWCC2013-5-5, T-Kristin Jackson

LWCC2013-5-12, T-Zenebe Abebe

LWCC2013-5-19, T-Kristin Jackson

5-26-13: No Sermon (Week of Rest).

LWCC2013-6-2, T-Kristin J and Steve H

LWCC2013-6-9, T-Haffa, Abina

LWCC2013-6-16, T-Doug Nguyen

LWCC2013-6-23, T-Drew Tessler

LWCC2913-6-30, T-Kristin