LWCC2016-12-11, T-Shawna

LWCC2016-12-11, T-Kristin

LWCC2016-12-4, T-Kristin and Alexi

LWCC2016-11-28, T-Kristin

LWCC2016-11-21, T-Shawna

LWCC2016-11-14, T-Kristin

LWCC2016-11-6 Part 1, T-Kristin and Samrach

LWCC2016-11-6 Part 2, T-Kristin and Samrach

LWCC2016-10-31, T-Tim

LWCC2016-10-23, T-M Danner

LWCC2016-10-16, T-Pippin

LWCC2016-10-9, T-Kristin and Leticia

LWCC2016-10-2 part1, T-Alexi

LWCC2016-10-2 part2, T-Alexi

LWCC2016-9-25, T-Shawna

LWCC2016-9-18, T-Kristin

LWCC2016-9-11, T-Moises

LWCC2016-9-04, T-Kristin and Samrach

LWCC2016-8-28, T-Kristin

LWCC2016-8-21, T-R Byler

LWCC2016-8-14, T-Shawna

LWCC2016-8-7, T-Kristin

LWCC2016-7-31, T-Kristin

LWCC2016-7-24, T-Kristin

LWCC2016-7-17, T-Kristin

LWCC2016-7-10, T-T Williams

LWCC2016-7-03, T-Kristin and Steven M

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