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Elder Candidates

Posted in: Living Water by LWCC Office on December 8, 2016

Darin CauleyDarin

  • Darin has a servant heart.
  • There is no doubt that as an elder, Darin will serve this body (this whole body) to the best of his ability. He will do this from behind the scenes, not wanting the blaring of trumpets but rather to serve his brothers and sisters
  • He exemplifiesthe spirit of a devoted Mennonite.
  • In his role as a Chicago Public School teacher, he has learned to lead and serve with all sorts of families, who have come to live in Chicago from all over the world. This is the sort of experience we need in our elders.
  • I know him well because he has a friendship with our family and I have seen that he has a good heart for serving the Lord, and working among God’s people. One time I asked him why did he change his job to teacher, and he said that he is really interested in working in the community with people.

Rebecca LarsenRebecca

  • She is a thoughtful, generous person and has a wonderful heart.
  • She is friendly. She talks politely and also she is not new.
  • She knows how to lead others. She can solve people’s problems. And she is a person who puts God forward.
  • She is an excellent listener with a pastoral spirit.
  • She brings practical skills from her work as a social worker and case manager that would benefit the elders.

Francine MoambiFrancine2

  • Francine is a charismatic prayer warrior who engages consistently with others, both inside and outside her culture.
  • She is a good cultural bridge and clearly committed church woman. “By her fruits you shall know her…”
  • She has a servant’s heart, deep compassion and love for people; is generous, wise, prayerful and has a strong faith.
  • Her gifts in leading worship and communicating between language groups
  • She is a dedicated leader, both among the Kiswahili speakers and within English speakers
  • People listen to her and like her, including people born in the US and born in Africa
  • Her Christian character, stability, language ability, and familiarity with LWCC
  • She speaks with discernment
  • Her ability to navigate conflict and cross cultural communication with grace

Sue OrmesherSue

  • Dedicated Christian; a Prayer warrior
  • She is hospitable and compassionate.
  • She has strong administrative skills.
  • She has a heart for missions.
  • She has a heart for various cultural groups.
  • She is a good listener.
  • She has a heart to serve God and understand God’s peoples.
  • She has a servant’s heart.


Tim WilliamsTim

  • He has sound Biblical knowledge and strives to use that in every aspect of his life.
  • He is called by God to walk humbly before Him (Jesus) and the body of Christ
  • Tim says, “I would love to serve this body in this role. I think I would bring a different flair. But mostly would be drawn closer to God through fellowship at this level.”
  • Tim is a wise teacher and brings a different perspective to our church.
  • Tim’s community organizing and his network of relationships with other Rogers Park organizations would bring helpful perspective to our elders.